Shasha Gupta

Shasha Gupta

CEO, Crypto Bulls Exchange

Mr Shasha Shubham,  core business professional at heart, he is an insightful & successful business owner with an experience of starting and growing multiple business ventures from scratch and taking his ventures to millionth level. Person full of zeal, he inspires & leads his team to achieve the targets and shows them the roadmap to surpass the targets. 

A visionary by his nature, Shasha knows what it takes to achieve success in life and build value & motivate everyone around him. Captivated by his passion and his belief in changing the world and contributing to the development & growth of the crypto community, the team admires his efforts and is aligned to his goals. 

With more than 15 years of experience in Asset Management, Stock Market – Shasha believes in the strong potential of the blockchain technology which can revolutionize the way transactions will be done in the near future. It is his passion, belief, experience and unique vision of the crypto community that will enable him to bring enormous opportunities in this emerging & promising industry. 

With more than 5 years of experience in cryptocurrency investment, Shasha manages a closed-end crypto fund. He participates in the development of algorithmic trading systems for stock exchanges. Also, Shasha is a developer of a trading community project.

Shasha is strongly backed up by his promising and settled business in the field of Food Chain Restaurant, Resorts, and Digital Music & Digital Asset Management.