Ramak J. Sedigh

Ramak J. Sedigh

Founder and CEO, Plouton Group

Mr. Sedigh is CEO of Plouton Mining and experienced in developing business, investing and operating ASIC-based cryptocurrency miners as well as operating them within a traditional data center format.

Mr. Sedigh began his career in real estate in the late 1980s. At one point, he managed a portfolio of 2,000 apartment properties. By the mid-1990s, he began a tenant screening company. In its infancy, the tenant screening company ran simple credit checks on potential tenants using an automated scoring model. Following, Mr. Sedigh integrated a criminal database into the screening system. This system was then provided to an offshore company where it was leveraged into a comprehensive screening business with nationwide criminal background checks. All of this was accomplished years before anyone else had even conceived of such a system.

Mr. Sedigh entered the cryptocurrency mining industry in 2017. He began buying mining equipment and maintained profitably running 200 ASIC miners. Mr. Sedigh has a record of establishing ground-breaking business ventures with Plouton Group (Plouton Mining) promising to be another one. Mr. Sedigh is a graduate of Ecole Active Bilingue of Paris and The University of Houston.

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