Mohamad Najmeddine

Mohamad Najmeddine

Vice President – Multinational Corporate Sales - Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey – CitiGroup Inc.

Mohamad Najmeddine is the Regional Vice President for Multinational Sales Treasury and Trade Solutions in Citi’s Institutional Clients Group. This multibillion dollar business is one of the largest global businesses within Citi’s Institutional Clients Group encompassing integrated working capital solutions serving public sector clients, corporates and financial institutions and has a client base that includes 81% of the Fortune 500 global companies, 700 public sector clients and 600 banks, asset managers and insurance companies in over 120 countries. 

Mohamad stands at the forefront of the fastest moving industry trends, including but not limited to, Digital Banking and Blockchain solutions for trade finance transactions. Mohamad participated in several digital transformational initiatives in collaboration with the Citi Innovation Labs in Dublin and Singapore to develop Citi’s digital basket offer to clients. He has a passion for DLT technology and spent the past years researching applications of DLT in the banking & logistic industries, to come up with proof of concepts that can transform the banking industry and cause a shift toward a more trusted, environmental friendly and automated banking experience.    

Mohamad holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Finance and Accounting. He is also a Certified Treasury Professional, Certified International Trade Finance and Certified Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program.