Alex Lubinsky

Co-Founder and CEO, Rentberry

Alex Lubinsky, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rentberry, a decentralized home rental platform. Today, Rentberry is one of the fastest growing real estate technology companies, operating in more than 3,600 cities in the US. Alex and his team developed a proprietary auctioning protocol that allows prospective tenants to customize offers based on demand and competition for a specific property. This empowers quality tenants to negotiate better rates, saving them thousands of dollars. Alex is a blockchain evangelist since 2015 and this November he will be taking Rentberry to the next level via one of the largest Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

Alex is an accomplished entrepreneur who has founded and sold several companies. Prior to Rentberry, he founded CityHour – a business app, recognized as one of the best networking solutions for professionals. Before that, Alex was an investment banking executive and served in many leadership positions across a number of companies in the US and Europe such as, Raiffeisen Investment, KBC Securities, Seven Hills and Deloitte.

He has also advised a number of companies from various industries; the latest being Pantry – manufacturer of smart fridge kiosks that was successfully acquired by Byte Foods in 2016.

His international background coupled with financial industry exposure, make him one of the most well-connected people in Silicon Valley.  Alex graduated in less than four years with three degrees from UC Berkeley. He was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and raised in Silicon Valley. Today, he and his wife live in San Francisco, CA.